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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spoken Word & Turntablism Afterschool February Update

Currently we're working on our first mixtape, which is a blend of recorded poems, dug records and popular music.
We also just DJ'd our first in-school event: The Labor of Love Dance Party.

Here are some pics from a rehearsal, and a poem from our very own Denise Pascal, entitled "Of Color and Youth."

Of Color and Youth

by Denise Pascal


Walk these streets
Streets of talk and
all that jazz
A fine line between
the smooth black road
and the crippled stone
of old time seaport

Smells of
smoke the pipe cigarettes and pollution
new york new york and rainydays
down drop
drip drip
drops of

The Italians Asians the Hispanics
come to form strands of life
Bread and street fairs Saturdays
unlike those of the Jews that pray weekend nites
till the sun comes down
Peaking ducks hangdown street windows
letting their juice run down
Hora santas their spirits around when
dancing salsa they pray on the altar


Walk these streets
Streets of el Bronx and
all that bachata
A fine line between
the Bienveniedo Rodriguez
of my mother
and Mariah Carey

My parents and me
We don’t like the same music
They stay stuck in the oldies:

Speaking Spanish
Eating Arepas
Running their house
Dancing salsa
Drawing and
Dating younger men

Wetting tips of old newspapers
replaces the dustpan to sweep up dirt
An old rag
on top of the broom
used for mopping up the floors


Sweet taste of honey melts me
Feel the beats of my ride to school
midway it skips
train stops midway
Bumpin “watchu gonna do when get outta jail
watchu gonna do when you outta jail”
Public staring as if they never heard music before

It’s a brand new day
Where everyone knows
Feel it
Dance around in your underwear
No matter how old you are
2 yrs
6 yrs
34 yrs it don’t really matter

Feel the freedom
For it to feel you

Dull were the walls once
Standing on the sidewalks
Still tall and cold
Burst of color sprayed upon their faces
Call it graffiti
Some change is for the better

No more arrogance upon these words
All said all done
True be these lyrics
Of color and

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